Anne panday, cornerstone pilates, pilates instructor in Toronto

Anne Panday
Certified Pilates Instructor

Anne is a highly experienced certified Pilates instructor who brings the passion of her own practice to her work with clients. She has found that Pilates is such an incredibly effective, and rehabilitative form of exercise and has worked with a diverse range of clients, including those with neurological issues, dancers, athletes and musicians. As Pilates evolves, so does Anne, through consistent involvement in courses, workshops and conferences. She then applies this knowledge directly to her clients resulting in Pilates sessions that involve the latest techniques, and greatest benefit. Unbelievably Anne has somehow found an extra hour in the day as she also has a successful career as a writer and editor!

robyn thaler hickey, cornerstone pilates, pilates instructor

Robyn Thaler Hickey
Certified Pilates Instructor

Robyn is passionate about Pilates and biomechanics. She received her Pilates certification through the Pilates Process, a method of Pilates with roots in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Robyn also holds certifications in Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injury (FAMI), chronic pain management (Polestar Pilates) and Fascial Stretch Therapy. She believes in the power of Pilates to support the work done with physiotherapists to help clients recover from injury. Her goal is to get you back to doing what you love, pain-free. Before becoming a therapeutic Pilates instructor, Robyn had a successful career in the performing arts. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Mount Allison University and a diploma in Public Relations from the University of Victoria. When not working, you’ll find Robyn dancing around her kitchen – she makes a mean roast chicken