One-on-One Physiotherapy by Highly Experienced Therapists

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a regulated health profession that provides treatment to people suffering from musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiorespiratory conditions. Physiotherapists are experts in the diagnosis and management of conditions within their area of practice. They help alleviate physical pain, improve function and enhance performance for their patients. The physiotherapy process always starts with a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis. This is followed by the creation of a treatment plan aimed at restoring function and resolving symptoms. Once the condition has been alleviated, patients are educated on strategies to prevent recurrence and improve overall health.

Why Choose Cornerstone?

From assessment to treatment, booking to billing, and intake to discharge, providing the best experience possible is our top priority — we guarantee it.

  • Over 5000 Toronto residents choose Cornerstone each year. Our former patients are our biggest advocates.

  • We are proud to call many of Toronto’s respected Physicians and Surgeons our patients.

  • Our physiotherapists pursue the highest credentials in the field.

  • Treatments are based on the latest research. We are not swayed by the “newest trend” when it is not supported by quality research.

  • We are experienced clinical instructors for Western University and the University of Toronto.

  • We survey every patient and take their feedback seriously.

The art is in finding the root cause.

Too often, physiotherapy clinics focus on the symptoms rather than the cause. But tennis elbow can start in your neck and your leg pain may be coming from your back. By focusing on the cause of the pain we can eliminate symptoms faster – then give you long-term strategies to stay pain free.

How does physiotherapy work?

At Cornerstone we start with a thorough history of your problem followed by a comprehensive physical evaluation. Once we have made, and confirmed your diagnosis we will recommend a focused treatment plan.

Each patient’s condition is unique. To be maximally effective, your plan will be designed to address the primary cause of your problem. We will give you strategies to control or eliminate your symptoms, and work on ways to ensure that the problem does not return.

Our physiotherapists have many tools at their disposal. Treatments may include a specific exercise program, manual “hands-on” therapy, ergonomics, taping, acupuncture, bracing or countless other strategies to help you get better faster.

We will continuously evaluate your progress and fine-tune your treatment to obtain the best results. When you’ve finished with us you’ll have what you need to stay healthy and prevent future injury.

Physiotherapy Rates

Initial Visit (assessment + treatment)60 min$110
Follow Up Visit30 min$75

* all visits are one-on-one with a registered physiotherapist
* we do not use assistants or kinesiologists

Want the best physiotherapy experience?

Read tips from successful physiotherapy patients here!

What can physiotherapy treat?

Conditions include, but are not limited to:

In-Home Physiotherapy (Home Care)

We are pleased to recommend In-Home Physiotherapy through Therapia.

Therapia will connect you to skilled physiotherapists who live nearby. You will be matched with a therapist specifically for your condition at a day and time that works for you.

Please click here to book your home physiotherapy visits:

Your time is a top priority.

Life doesn’t stop for injury. Our therapists know your time is valuable. Our goal is to get you back to normal as quickly as possible with a personalized program that suits your needs and fits your schedule.

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Please visit our FAQ section for answers to the most common questions about Physiotherapy.