What Type of Back Problem Do I Have? We show you how to identify the type of back pain you have. Date Created:  July 2, 2019 The reality is 80% of us will suffer from back pain at some point in our lives. And yet, [...]

Your Plan to Ensure the BEST Physiotherapy Clinic Experience

At Cornerstone Physiotherapy we recently interviewed a group of our patients who had sustained significant injuries and made a complete recovery in record time. We wanted to hear their perspective on what it takes to ensure the best possible outcome from a Physiotherapy clinic experience. Some common themes emerged [...]

Now Hiring Exceptional Physiotherapists!

IS PHYSIOTHERAPY YOUR SUPER POWER? Cornerstone Physiotherapy is thrilled to be adding a talented and passionate physiotherapist to our team. We are well-staffed with a large team of full-time physiotherapists (including fully-credentialed McKenzie therapists and 7 FCAMPTs available for mentoring). DON'T JUST LOVE WHAT YOU DO, LOVE WHERE YOU DO [...]