Decrease Injuries, Preserve Mobility and Feel Better in Just 5 Minutes a Day

It is surprising how little is required to reduce your chance of sustaining common injuries. As we battle in front of computers all day with terrible posture, our spines stiffen, our muscles shorten and we become weaker.  Taking 5 minutes each morning to get your body [...]

What Type of Back Problem Do I Have? We show you how to identify the type of back pain you have. Date Created:  July 2, 2019 The reality is 80% of us will suffer from back pain at some point in our lives. And yet, [...]

Your Plan to Ensure the BEST Physiotherapy Clinic Experience

At Cornerstone Physiotherapy we recently interviewed a group of our patients who had sustained significant injuries and made a complete recovery in record time. We wanted to hear their perspective on what it takes to ensure the best possible outcome from a Physiotherapy clinic experience. Some common themes emerged [...]

Now Hiring Exceptional Physiotherapists!

IS PHYSIOTHERAPY YOUR SUPER POWER? Cornerstone Physiotherapy is thrilled to be adding a talented and passionate physiotherapist to our team. We are well-staffed with a large team of full-time physiotherapists (including fully-credentialed McKenzie therapists and 9 FCAMPTs available for mentoring). DON'T JUST LOVE WHAT YOU DO, LOVE WHERE YOU DO [...]