Make the most out of your tele-rehabilition experience. Here's how you should prepare. It feels like there are advances in technology happening all the time. This can be exciting, and means new possibilities in many aspects of our lives. This includes being [...]

Virtual Physiotherapy – Can Tele-rehabilitation Work for Me?

My Physiotherapy Clinic Closed Due to COVID-19, What Do I Do Now? At Cornerstone Physiotherapy, your health and safety remains our top priority. In light of recent developments surrounding the coronavirus, our clinics will be closed for face-to-face or in-person treatments. However, [...]

Decrease Injuries, Preserve Mobility and Feel Better in Just 5 Minutes a Day

It is surprising how little is required to reduce your chance of sustaining common injuries. As we battle in front of computers all day with terrible posture, our spines stiffen, our muscles shorten and we become weaker.  Taking 5 minutes each morning to get your body [...]