Help! I Woke Up With Back Pain

The first time you wake up with low back pain can be distressing. You immediately realize that a pain free back is required to do the simplest things like getting out of bed, putting on your socks or even brushing your teeth. You begin to think “will it always be [...]

Latest Physiotherapy Research

Our registered physiotherapists have compiled and summarized the latest scientific research in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Chondroitin sulfate improves pain and function compared to placebo in the management of knee OA Annals of Rheumatic Diseases 2017 05 This 604 patient study demonstrated that 800mg/day of Chondroitin Sulphate resulted [...]

Physiotherapy News

INCREASE IN PROVINCIAL HEALTH CARE BUDGET MEANS MORE ACCESS TO PHYSIOTHERAPY May 27, 2017   With an expected increase in $1.6 billion dollars over the previous year, Ontario will see $85 million dollars specifically targeting personal support, nursing care in the home, respite care, and home physiotherapy services. This block [...]